Circa 1750s 
  1. Farmers Markets
    West Village NYC Farmers Market Beth Israel Medical Center Newark, NJ Westfield Farmers Market, NJ
  2. Wholesale
    We specialize in only a few crops for the ethnic market. Old Village Farm is free of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.
  3. Farm Weddings
    Are currently on hold until we have a new barn built for weddings
  4. Farm Stand
    Our new 16 foot x 15 foot Farm stand will be up and running Spring 2019
  5. CSA
    Farm Share: June - October, 2019 (21 weeks)
  6. Distillery
    We are in the planning stages of opening our Farm Distillery, using old family recipes from Belarus.
Our Team
  1. Emmy, Farm Manager
  2. Owners, Amita & Eric
  3. Pavel + Bob, Co-Formen
  4. Bob, Master Farmer
  5. Devin, Famer
  6. Prem, Produce Quality Controller
  7. Jason, Farmer
Old Village Farm is a 30-acre vegetable and fruit farm between the Delware River and Musconetcong Mountain in Holland Township, NJ.
We are located 70 miles from New York City and 65 miles from Philadelphia.

Old Village Farm LLC
115 Old River Road
Milford, NJ 08848

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